vishal panwar June 9, 2021

WHITLEY: Land Rover is the official vehicle partner for the coming Red Bull X-Alps, and it will provide a fleet of Defender 110s to support the world’s toughest adventure race.
Red Bull X-Alps is a 12-day competition, from 20 June to 2 July 2021, covering over 1,238 kilometres of alpine terrain and will combine hiking, ultra-running, mountaineering and paragliding across five countries – Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France.
Defender will provide transport and shelter from the conditions while carrying vital supplies and equipment.

Each Defender will be equipped with Land Rover’s Portable Rinse System, Exterior Side-Mounted Gear Carriers and Integrated Air Compressors will combine with Defender’s integrated 4G Wi-Fi connectivity and knitted Autohome Roof Tents, that were developed for the Defender 110.
The 4×4 will have a maximum payload of up to 900 kg combined with a dynamic roof load of 168 kg and static of 300 kg. The Defenders will also be fitted with Terrain Response 2 technology – including world-first Configurable Terrain Response, aiding the drivers to fine-tune the vehicle to suit their driving preferences and the conditions.

About the Red Bull X-Alps:
Each of the 32 competitors will combine hiking, ultra-running, mountaineering and paragliding in a true test of human endurance and stamina. On a typical day, the athletes can expect to hike over 50 km with vertical ascents of up to 5,000 m, burning as many as 6 000 calories.

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