vishal panwar November 1, 2020

Kangana Ranaut has revealed her inner poet yet again as she penned down another poem after the one she had written for her mother to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. The actor has been uploading some insightful content on her social media handles, the latest being ‘Aasman’.

On Sunday (November 1), Kangana’s team shared a piece of poetic brilliance, showing the ‘Manikarnika’ actor’s artistic skills with the latest verses written by her and a video shot at her Manali home. The artistically shot video with visuals of flowers, the vast blue sky, Kangana lying in the grass will surely grab your attention.

Kangana uses the sky like an analogy to reflect one’s thoughts and feelings. The ‘Queen’ actor penned down her thoughts and feelings that is quite relevant in today’s time of crisis, especially when winter is here. Her team captioned the post: “Poem I wrote and shot this summer, as winter approaches reminiscing Aasman”

The 33-year-old actor recites the beautiful poem and it runs in the background throughout the video capturing the beauty of mountains, trees, and the sky.

In another post Kangana shares two pictures of a garden from autumn and winter while giving us a life lesson on how we move on with our life as the world seeks positivity amid all these negativity. Her post reads: “In spring this garden was at its full a glory,honey bees,butterflies sucking the nectar of life,in rains it gave shelter to insects/reptiles, in autumn its withering away, bone chilling snow will cover it soon but beneath that it will continue to long n spring will happen again.”

She posts another picture of the same garden in winter covered with snow and writes: “picture of the same section of the garden from last winter,only the skeletons of these trees/plants will remain they will die n will be born again,no season is permanent,if death is inevitable so is life, be this garden it will be ruined everytime yet it will rise everytime.”

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