vishal panwar October 25, 2020

Director Hansal Mehta opened up about his ordeal, working on his 2017 film ‘Simran’, that starred Kangana Ranaut in the lead. Recalling the ‘painful time’ he had on the sets with the actress, he even went on to call the film an “unnecessary aberration” in his career.

Although admitting that it is a memory he doesn’t like to revisit, in an interview with Huffington Post India, he said that he sometimes wished he never made the film. While making it clear that he holds no bitterness for his lead star, Kangana and even enjoyed her company off the sets, however, on-set it was a different story. He said that Kangana “completely took charge of the set and began directing other actors.”

He went on to add that he went through some financial troubles after the film’s release and claimed that the film affected his mental health for which he thought therapy.

Despite his experience with the actress, he says he has “no ill feelings” and is even open to the possibility of working with her again.

“Kangana, everything aside, is a good actor. She’s a fantastic actor. So who knows? Tomorrow there might be something and we might want to make a film together. Bitterness is pointless,” he said.

‘Simran’ opened to mixed reviews from audience and critics alike, and had an average run at the box office.

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