vishal panwar December 7, 2020

Education: During this period, the results may not be as high as you expected as your zodiac is being impacted by Saturn. The initial days of December will be favourable for the school going children but things will go adverse after fifteen days. People pursuing higher studies should think twice before they decide their profession. Nothing comes as you want but hope costs nothing so keep working hard until you are blessed with immense intellect.
Business: Partnership can be seen in your stars. Your luck is on your side so travel to make good business deals. You will reap the advantage of Mars’s position in Pisces. If you really make sound and right decisions about investment, you will surely shine.
Career: Jupiter is joining the profession in the house of destiny. December will bring your recognition and you will stay in limelight for your hard work and smart moves. You can surely expect appraisals and promotions at the end of the month. There will still be some colleagues who will try to bring you down and question your techniques but don’t let it hinder your progress.
Love: Trust is being attacked in your relationship by your fellow mates. Don’t get manipulated by anyone. This relationship consists of you and your partner and what you both feel and believe should be the only thing considered. Your partner will make serious efforts to support you emotionally. Don’t forget to see it. Love is on your side, just let this hard phase past.
Marriage: Planet Venus is going to bless your seventh house. During December, the married couple will have to be very careful about where they are heading. You can expect zeal and intensity in your relationship as the Sun will transit in the fourth house before mid-December. You are surely looking forward to crossing a river to make your partner happy. You may hesitate to give some space to your partner but avoid doing that. Be true about yourself and spill the beans on how you feel about your marriage. You are likely to travel by the end of the month.
Kids: Your relationship with your children will improve this month. The time you have been spending together has bought a certain level of understanding. They may expect a little more from you as a parent. Don’t hesitate to trust them nor give the leverage which can harm them.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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