vishal panwar December 17, 2020

Numerology Predictions for Number 1: Ganesha says your day will be filled with joyful moments as you are going to spend a lot of time with your kids and family. Your children will see you in higher esteem today. On professional fronts, you are likely to deal with new people who would consume most of your time but won’t give productive results therefore invest your minutes wisely. You can expect returns from unknown sources today. On romantic fronts, there will be disputes and you may end up hurting your partner with your harsh words so be careful before you speak. From a health perspective, you will be totally fit and fine but you will have to take care of what you eat.

  • Lucky Colour- Blue
  • Lucky Number- 2
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva by offering milk to Shivling.

Numerology Predictions for Number 2
Ganesha says your day is going to start like a spaceship. From the morning you will feel boosted, it can be converted into an explosion if you fail to control your energy. You are advised to control your emotions. Talking about the profession you might get caught with some errors today which will reflect in your overall performance perhaps if you can be calm and take your decisions properly you might get away with that. Considering love life, your better Half may have a very good way to make your day more precious, try not to spoil their mood today. Your children will see you as their role model. So try to be on the same path, do not get distracted or else you will need to give up your good image. Coming to your health part which is the core and most important thing to be noticed, You will need to take care of your mental health, try to avoid stress and give your body some rest by which it can heal itself.

  • Lucky Colour- Pink
  • Lucky Number- 6
  • Remedy: Light five lamps under the Basil tree praying to Lord Ganesha.

Numerology Predictions for Number 3
Ganesha says On health fronts, you will experience some respiratory issues today. Try to do yoga to improve your health. On domestic fronts, the disputes will be solved and you will welcome joy once again. Your children are likely to win big achievements today. On professional fronts, you should strictly stay away from any legal matters. You are advised to invest in clothing and pharmaceutical industries. The losses which will incur today will soon be converted into returns so don’t worry. Try to check the facts and accuracy of the information before you believe it to be true. There is no rush in your life today. On romantic fronts, you will be able to please your partner by doing something very sweet today like cooking or playing a song. Your relationship is on the right track and you must do everything possible to keep it that way.

  • Lucky Colour- Beige
  • Lucky Number- 15
  • Remedy: Chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ will help you find multiple solutions to your problems.

Numerology Predictions for Number 4
Ganesha says as the day will pass, you will feel exhausted and tired due to the burden of work you took on your shoulders. Someone will take you close to nature and you must not miss that chance. On professional fronts, you will be appreciated and praised by your partner and subordinates because of your approach to solve complicated situations. They will look upon you like a torch in dark times. You must keep up this quality of yours. Married couples get into an argument with their spouse which may lead to a deeper impact on their relationship so be careful with your words today. Your elder kids will take interest in your business and their intriguing curiosity will astonish you. There may be some negative energies surrounding you today due to the effect of Shani but worry not, God will protect you.

  • Lucky Colour- Cream
  • Lucky Number- 23
  • Remedy: Keep eight grains of Urad in the right corner of your home today.

Numerology Predictions for Number 5
Ganesha says your day will go smoothly but you need to take care of nausea and cold today. On professional fronts, you will be able to take mature and rigid decisions. Your partner may dislike some of your opinions but if explained well, they will understand. You may face few of your fears today but facing fears is part of growth so don’t panic in the situation. Your rigid and unchangeable nature will disappoint your family members therefore it is advisable to change your perspective if necessary. Your kid’s health will tense you today but there’s nothing to worry as they will be fine in no time. On romantic fronts, your partner may involve you in their future plans and you may have some serious conversations. This day doesn’t decide your entire life so don’t be afraid of the unpredictable and enjoy every moment.

  • Lucky Colour- Coffee
  • Lucky Number- 14
  • Offering clove and mustard oil to Lord Hanuman will help you fight your fears.

Numerology Predictions for Number 6
Ganesha says you may feel a little disappointed today as you won’t be able to complete everything on your planner but you have still tried your hardest to accomplish everything. Your efforts and focus towards the work will impress people around you while on the other hand, your partner will feel that you are not attentive towards your relationship. Your day will lack balance between your love life and work life. You can expect income from sources other than your business. You will also recover the losses you faced last week. Married couples should try to create deeper connections with their children. Your health will need some extra attention and it is advisable to stay away from fire and water in excessive amounts.

  • Lucky Colour- Maroon
  • Lucky Number- 1
  • Remedy: Bring Kuber Yantra home today.

Numerology Predictions for Number 7
Ganesha says the day will be quite astonishing for you as you will be able to see some of your past albums which will absolutely make you feel nostalgic. You will have a lot of fun, and it will be a very humorous day. Your family bond will strengthen. It will not be favourable for you to lift any heavy weights because that can lead you to shoulder and spinal cord related pain, so be very careful. Your task might get delayed by some people. The things which you were going to get today will approach you following a lengthy duration of time and due to this, you might get frustrated. Today is the time when you can plan for a baby and apart from that, you can also tie the knot today. You will have a lot of work to do but every one of you will have a great day in terms of business. People who are related to tailoring and stationary will gain some profits.

  • Lucky Colour- Red
  • Lucky Number- 11
  • Remedy: Worship God Narasinga to protect yourself from the negative aura.

Numerology Predictions for Number 8
Ganesha says your health might be quite good today. You may experience a slight cold today but you will be all cleared by tomorrow. You apparently should take some anticipation for your legs today because due to some physical work they might ache at the end of the day. You are required to go careful with love today. It is surely expanding deliberately in your zodiac but today is not the exact time to take a step forward. Being around black colour will affect you badly because you will get a negative effect of Saturn. Financially you may not rise eventually you will. Today will be a very lucky day for you as will be moving on from the things which bothered you for a long time. You might get some lifts today. It will be a very productive day for you.

  • Lucky Colour- Indigo
  • Lucky Number- 17
  • Remedy: Drink water in copper or brass glass.

Numerology Predictions for Number 9
Ganesha says it will be a very promising day for those who are doing the profession of electronic devices. Today you can open a brand-new store and today you will also have a larger number of buyers. Just be cognizant of people that they might not steal anything. You will have Venus on your side and everything will go great. Your drop-dead gorgeous look will draw people. Try to wear something purple because that attracts people. You might have imagined something and some of it may be accomplished today. You can solo a tiny journey which will make you feel immeasurable. You will travel to the sea of tranquillity. You might miss a great mate today because of some misinterpretation. So try to sort out everything and make everyone around feel relaxed. Be soundless only then you will succeed. Take care if you are going to have a night drive.

  • Lucky Colour- orange
  • Lucky Number- 10
  • Remedy: Offer sugar to Lord Krishna.

— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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