vishal panwar March 19, 2021

Number 1: Ganesha says Today your day will get more attention than usual. You will be able to persuade people to take interest in your projects today so it is a good day for pitching and presentations. About your professional fronts, your deliberate efforts will make you see things clearer than before. You will go solo today but will still be able to get things done on time and nicely. About your romantic fronts, your partner will be like your backbone today. They will help you to make people understand your perspective. They will also be able to impress your family by their kind nature. Make sure you are thankful to them today. About your health, you will take proper care of yourself but minor headaches will still bother you.
Lucky Colour- Red
Lucky Number- 01
Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha today.
Number 2
Ganesha says your inner self talks a lot with you. You are someone who will always listen to your heart. Today, you will have to go against your usual nature and listen to your mind as your day will demand you to be more rational. About your health, you will have to be careful while driving and travelling. About your romantic fronts, your partner and you will find it difficult to understand each other due to your age difference. Even though it’s just a small age gap, your thoughts will collide. About your professional fronts, today, one single task will consume much of your day. You will have to deal with lack of timings. People in business will have a hard time today. Avoid being sensitive today.
Lucky Colour – Blue
Lucky Number- 11
Remedy: Tie two black threads on your vehicle today.
Number 3
Ganesha says Today a gleam of hopefulness will sneak into your cocoon. You have been feeling hopeless since long but today, it will be like a new sunrise. You will be able to dip your feet in the deep water. On your professional fronts, your business will demand taking risks but the deals you sign today will give you a hit comeback. People in jobs will have to convince their superiors to make a move. About your romantic fronts, your partner will make you feel alright after having a hard day. Spending a good amount of time is on the list today. About your health, you are likely to experience joint aches today in the evening. Avoid lifting heavy weights.
Lucky Colour- green
Lucky Number- 20
Remedy: Apply tilak of Chandan and Kumkum on your forehead before signing any deals today.
Number 4
Ganesha says Today you will make some conscious and major decisions. You will be in the mood to be negative towards opinions but avoid doing that will attract problems. A second person perspective will play an important role today. About your professional fronts, today it is going to be a favourable day for businessmen as their profit ratio will increase. Avoid dealing with natural resources today. People having daily jobs, you will get your name on the list of recognition today. About your health, today your abdominal pain will bother you a lot. Visiting a doctor will be the best option available for you today. Do not try to gain control over situations today and rather let things take their own course.
Lucky Colour- Yellow
Lucky Number -04
Remedy: Worship Lord Kuber today.
Number 5
Ganesha says Today you will be very comprehensive about everything. You will act very desperate for your goals and that would be a good thing. You are likely to cancel plans with your family and friends and this will make them feel disappointed therefore be careful while explaining them the reasons. You will also create your cocoon of work and will not step out of it. About your professional fronts, you will feel stretched and exhausted. People in business will achieve good returns from the share market today. Purchasing shares of telecom sectors will give you good returns in the future. About your romantic fronts, your partner will act as a catalyst for you to create new bonds professionally. About your health fronts, you will feel a little sick late in the evening today. Take good care of yourself.
Lucky Colour – Cream
Lucky Number – 03
Remedy: Offer oil and mustard seeds to Hanuman today.
Number 6
Ganesha says Today you will spread positivity around you. You will be in the mood to give. Your kindness will save people from trouble today. You will create the most out of today. About your professional fronts, you will be able to finish the responsibilities that your superiors have given you. Your superiors will see you as a self-reliant person. About your business, you will consume more time in making decisions as today’s working will involve lots of tensing things. About your romantic life, your partner will look forward to introducing you to their family so that you start thinking about your future soon. If you are under eighteen, you will have to be careful about deceiving people today. About your health, your moon will transit slowly today and this will give you some periodical headaches. Also, keep your children away from evil energies.
Lucky Colour- Brown
Lucky Number- 10
Remedy: Apply black kajal tika behind the left ear of your children today.
Number 7
Ganesha says you will provide technical assistance to one of your relatives today. The person will be impressed and grateful to you. Your helping nature and benevolence will attract positive energy and blessings. Fortune is waving at you today. Although your finances are a little over the place, planetary movements in your zodiac will make sure about your financial stability. You will also support your partner emotionally today. You will help your partner to come out of a confusing situation today. You are likely to spend your day outdoors which will drain your energy. Keep your energy boosters handy to avoid concussion today.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky colour: Silver
Remedy: It’s not a good sign if holy-basil is drying up in your house. Make sure you get a new one in the home before the first one dries up.
Number 8
Ganesha says your day is full of highs and lows. In the first half of the day you will experience mood swings and create frustration for your surroundings. Your co-workers will try to ignore you due to this reason today. You will be able to complete your pending work without any interruptions today. You will follow every work ethic today. Although the day is tight on your professional front it will make your ground stronger in the office. Your finances are stable today but your spending habits will make it difficult for you to stay financially stable. Your partner will leave you responsible for taking care of something very expensive today. It will be a bit of a task but you will be able to handle it.
Lucky number: 1
Lucky colour: Orange
Remedy: Navagraha mantra – should be recited at least once in the morning to make all planets positive.
Number 9
Ganesha says Uniting people and playing cupid for other people has made you miss out on potential matches. Today, you will meet someone of your liking at a very unexpected place. Your day at work will be smooth which will keep your mood light and cheerful. The meeting will be amazing and the person will like you instantly. There is no negative energy around you today. No bad vibes will pester you. Your love life is set to go on a topsy-turvy ride today! Although you will feel tired by the end of the day your mind will be happy and your heart will be full of love. Healthy mind means a healthy body and today you will achieve both.
Lucky number : 22
Lucky colour : Red
Remedy: Put a supari and a piece of paper and write what you want to do on it and place it in front of Ganesha.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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