vishal panwar April 2, 2021

Education: Ganesha says this is of interest to you, as you love to learn about different cultures. This could be through an online platform and will require you to communicate via a different time zone than what you’re used to. You are welcoming this shake-up and change this month after a stagnant period. Be accepting of advice.
Career: Any decisions and moves you make this month as far as your career is concerned, you need to be very well thought through and accurate. Don’t rush things. Otherwise, your actions will give rise to insurmountable problems down the line which will directly involve your colleagues.
Business: This month Capricorn natives will perfectly cope with all the problems in solving the material issue. It is possible that some signs will need to borrow money and somehow get out of this situation. However, if you apply an exclusively practical approach to the financial sector, based on the current situation, you will be able to overcome everything this month.
Love: Ganesha says this is your month. This month Moon will touch down on your seventh house of love, affection and relationship. So, if someone in your inner circle tells you something that goes hand in hand with your romantic expectations, accept the proposal. People already in a relationship must avoid disclosing it to your family this month as your terms with your family will be negatively affected by the fourth house.
Marriage: This month your marital life will be good and stable. This month you will mostly not get time to spend with your partner. This will strengthen your bond. You will see your spouse making better arrangements and plans for your children and your future. They will expect you to be more understanding this month. Your quite supportive nature will fill in the gaps in your marital life.
Children: As the zodiac’s wild child, they like to be outside, playing in the dirt. Allow them to experience new things. Their health will not bother you at all this month. They will be more extroverted and the little changes they bring in themselves this month will make them more mature.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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