vishal panwar November 18, 2020

A horoscope can reveal the ancestral engraves and fundamental psyche of an individual. Understanding of Emotional stability and relationship management is something which makes human beings different than other living creatures. We need to manage the relationships prominently on three fields – business, love and career. No matter how hard we try to cope up with relationship issues, due to influence of energies released by planets, constellations and other heavenly bodies we fail to do so. Issues arise with arguments about money, having insecurities and trust issues, not having wholesome communication, pushing each other’s boundaries, Habit of being unfaithful, toxicity, etc.
Negative and positive effects of planetary transit have certain level of control on all our relationships. As Ketu, Mangal and Rahu has proven to be more spiteful and vindictive, it is necessary to have them placed in conductive position.
Astrological remedies help you to balance your Dharma Trikone which is very important to interpret our nature, tendencies and significance we offer to every relationship and on that account, following are some suggestions to get rid of imbalance in your relationship in your career, profession and love life.
Remedies to enhance Relationship in Love:
Chances are there of presence of certain dosh in your astro chart and hence I suggest you to have your horoscope prepared by an expert and experienced astrologer so that you can get proper guidance
Chanting of ‘Om Laxminarayan Namaha, three times a day for three months will bring emotional stability in your relationship as it will draw you closer to your partner. Black is unfortunate colour to be gifted to your loved ones and hence I recommend you to avoid it.
Lighting Deepak in the South West corner of your house can really help you.
Venus (Shukra) is the planet of love and controls your love connections and thus, you must wear Green and White attires on Thursdays of Shravan Month. (These two colours are meant for Shukra).
Performing Rudra Abhishek using honey and pure milk also helps to improve the possibility of getting married soon.
Remedies to improve Relationships in Career and Business:
I recommend you to donate rice to the less privileged people on the day Ekadashi day.
According to me, you must also put green vegetables in the well and worship Ganesh at your work place on Wednesdays.
I also suggest you not to waste salt and water as it affects your Sun and Moon.
Our Astro Friend Chirag suggests to keep Sunderkand on regular intervals as it is very beneficial to the businesses which is carried out by joint families.
If you are facing problem making a decision with your partner in business, you must recite ‘Om Hreem Suryay Namaha’ 11 times in the morning facing East.
Saturn have positive effect on your career and profession and crows are vehicle of Saturn thus we advise you to feed curd and rice to these birds.
If you take my little piece of advice, you should scatter dhuni of rai at your work place on Amavasya to get rid of ill energies which can have negative impacts on your relationship with your colleagues or partners.
I also recommend you to keep Narmadeshwar Shivling and Shree Yantra in your office to keep your temper in control which will help you maintain stabilised relationship with everyone at your work place.
Lord of Ascendant should be giving priority while choosing career path. Following are few suggestions by our Astro Friend Chirag :
People with Saturn transit over 8th house should consider consulting an astrologer as it would be very difficult for him to maintain relationship with his seniors and their horoscope will need a little more attention.
7th house as ascendant suggests partnership while 10th Lord suggests self-employment.
11th house suggests career in financial services.
12th house signifies career in medical field.
It’s advisable to choose legal profession for 6th house placement.
Thus I am sure following the same you will be able to live a happy life.
– By Astro Friend guesChirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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