vishal panwar August 22, 2020

NEW DELHI: Incessant rains in Gurugram on Wednesday and Thursday had left many commuters scratching their heads due to waterlogging on roads and underpasses but as sharp as the business head gets, Anand Mahindra found a product opportunity in such dire conditions as well.
The top Mahindra Boss found the opportunity for amphibious tractors when he came across a viral video of a tractor making its way easily through a waterlogged underpass.

He mentioned that the amphibious tractors can be used when humans start farming the ocean bed.
His followers also responded with quirky replies. One of the replies mentioned that the video can become a focused marketing campaign. Many even called for a new line of products that can make their way through water-logged roads and underpasses.
A reply compared the tractor to Batman’s favourite vehicle, the batmobile which could also make its way through such dire conditions.

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