vishal panwar May 3, 2021

Number 1
Today you will be making amendments in yourself and in your routine. You have been trying to figure out what is healthier for you and what is not healthier for your well being. Today you will find those answers and this will help you awaken yourself. Today your professional fronts will be as usual as nothing huge will take place. You will earn small to medium profits today but you will learn lots of new things. Your business will see a major leap as you will take the help of someone who knows better and farther. About your romantic fronts, you will be quite about your feelings today but your partner or someone you adore will read your mind. You will feel better after meditating in the evening today.
Lucky Colour- Cream
Lucky Number- 12
Chant ‘Om Namaah Shivay’ twelve times today.
Number 2
Today you will cross the distance between just mind mapping and practical implementations. Your simple formulas for life and major steps will change the ways you perceive problems. About your professional fronts, you will be able to create a buzz at your workplace by your innovative ideas and speedy solutions. You will also earn good enough from the share market today, it’s not booming but you will not lose. About your relationship fronts, you will want your partner to make commendable efforts towards your relationship while they will not be in a mood to do that. Love is all about understanding the space therefore give them a little time. About your health, you will feel better than before today.
Lucky Colour- Red
Lucky Number- 08
Wearing Red will bring you fortune today.
Number 3
Today you will be the controller of your temperament while it was other way round since long. You will vanish the cause of unhappiness from the roots. On your professional fronts, you will have some time to conduct meetings today. You will also keep your eyes on the changes that people are trying to make in your work indirectly. Businessman will have a hard time with selling their product or service. About your romantic fronts, you might not be able to give your hundred percent to your partner today as they will need more emotional feeding while you will lack time but you both will be fine. About your health, you will have to be extra careful while working with gadgets today as you might get injured.
Lucky Colour- Blue
Lucky Number- 16
Read Satyanarayan Katha today.
Number 4
Today, you will take a big step towards self-developments. You will end the battle within and will let the righteous prevail against all odds. On your professional fronts, you will make your work speak in your behalf. You will earn good profits today if you are related to manufacturing sector. Money will inflow but make sure you take ethical ways to work today. You must protect yourself from negativity while working over your career affairs. Today you will get into argument that with your partner therefore you must be careful while having conversation about your past. Your health will not need any attention today and you can stay carefree but stay indoor as much as possible.
Lucky Colour- Pink
Lucky Number- 03
Avoid making big decisions wearing black.
Number 5
Although you are man of honour, you have lost your identity and impression lately for something less commendable. Today you will get a chance to reimburse your respect and a good identity. About your professional fronts, you will have to stay more attentive while making decisions. Do not make early predictions today and let things flow in a free manner. Your insight for the work will make a difference. You will earn good amount of money today and this will add up to your savings. About your relationship fronts, you will have normal day today. Your health will not need any attention today. You must still be careful about your children ‘s health.
Lucky Colour- Violet
Lucky Number- 07
Feed stray dogs today.
Number 6
You will have a variety of thoughts today. Versatility in everything you do will be the reason behind your success today. You must act in your thoughts today. About your professional fronts, your cordial relationship with your superiors will be enhanced today. You must stay aware of the people having their eyes on your plan. You will also repeat some of your old approaches today. About your romantic fronts, you will need some more time to understand your partner so you must act patiently today. About your health, you must be careful if you have cholesterol issues. Avoid eating oily food today.
Lucky Colour- Brown
Lucky Number- 01
Make prasad using five ingredients and feed three little girls today.
Number 7
Almighty will keep a watch on your actions today. You will make your karma’s count in a different way and hence choose to be someone who shall be remembered for good. On your professional fronts, you must be careful about sharing your plans today as not everyone might be trust worthy. If you are a retailer or wholesaler, you will get huge orders. Don’t keep your eyes on money and rather keep your eyes on your actions today. About your relationship fronts, you will have to go through an emotional drama if your family does not know about your relationship. Make sure you are taking good care of your health today if you are suffering from any health issues today.
Lucky Colour- Blue
Lucky Number- 16
Indulge in charity and donations today.
Number 8
Today you will look back a little. Third day of the new month will bring you little bit of uncertainty but this will help you in a way you will not realize at once. Today you will stay more indulged in your professional fronts. You will try making your work perfect but imperfections will bring better results. If you are into technical or engineering field, you will be satisfied with your work today. You might have to deal with a small loss if you are into releasing of properties. About your romantic fronts, married people will have an amazing day while singles might feel a little lonely today. About your health, you will feel relaxed at the end of the day but minor back pain will disturb your sleep.
Lucky Colour- Orange
Lucky Number- 19
Offer coconut and sweets to your Kuldevta.
Number 9
Your passion and compassion are your biggest weapons dear Number Nine, today both will be at the use. You will do something for society as a part of your moral values. Your passion will work on your professional fronts. You will make things done by hook or crook today. You will earn good profits and this will become your source of reinvestment. Your wins will be celebrated by your superiors if you are doing a job. About your relationship fronts, your partner will become more possessive for you today. You will love seeing them like that. About your health, you will get comfortable over your new routine today.
Lucky Colour- Yellow
Lucky Number- 04
Worship Lord Vishnu today.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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