vishal panwar May 9, 2021

Number 1
Ganesha says in whatever you do today, your talent will come through. Allowing your innate gifts to take over would make everything you do at home or at work easier. Don’t be shy to give advice or do anything entirely different. Today your professional fronts will be strong as you will turn your losses into profits. Your credit side will subside your debit side. You will also get much more than you expected. Your relationship will face difficult times today. About your health, you might not feel alright as you will feel feverish but you will be fine today.
Lucky Colour- Blue
Lucky Number- 07
Remedy: Remove declutter clothes from your house.
Number 2
Ganesha says if you aren’t still making money from your natural creative or artistic abilities, you should seriously consider it today. Although you want to concentrate on higher-level issues, it’s important that you plan the perfect. You would not only explore new possibilities, but you will also see a significant improvement in your abilities to perform everyday tasks. It’s a good day to convert your creative art into a source of earning money today. Make sure your behaviour is calm and good with your partner today. About your health, you might have to go through severe headaches at the end of the day therefore be careful.
Lucky Colour – Red
Lucky Number – 12
Remedy: Sprinkle Gangajal in all the corners of your house.
Number 3
Ganesha says Put a new spin on what you’re doing right now. Your communication and verbal abilities will improve, and you will enjoy the method of creating things today. About your professional fronts, today you will take a different approach to address your problems. Your children will take interest in your business today. about your monetary fronts, things will get stable by the end of the day today. About your relationship fronts, married people are likely to take their partners for granted today. You must respect what your partner does for you. About your health, you will feel better today. People who were sick will see recovery today.
Lucky Colour- Green
Lucky Number- 17
Remedy: Keep three diyas in the place of water in your kitchen.
Number 4
Ganesha says whatever you have planned, as long as it includes imagination, it will go off without a hitch. You may be amazed by what you’ll be likely to construct with your energy today. Today you will not face any issues on your professional fronts. You might get into an issue of lack of manpower and this will burden your work. If you are into the share market, you must sell the shares you are holding. About your romantic fronts, today your partner will have to be more careful while talking to your partner. Their sensitive nature will get hurt even in the smallest of things. Today your health will demand some attention as dizziness will keep you conscious today.
Lucky Colour- Brown
Lucky Number- 09
Remedy: Start wearing your suitable gemstone today.
Number 5
Ganesha says Today you should hope to be energised and excited. Getting together with others or spending time on your leisure spots would be much more appealing than normal. It would be simple to come up with innovative alternatives to any issues that happen today. On professional fronts, you will have a fulfilling day. You will act more mature while taking decisions today. If you are into daily jobs, try to be more responsible while handling vital information. About your romantic fronts, today you will leave your partner to themselves as you will try to make them self reliant in the matters of handling emotions. Today your health front will be all good. You must eat on time today to avoid stomach related issues.
Lucky Colour – Yellow
Lucky Number – 01
Remedy: Chant hanuman Chalisha before you sleep today.
Number 6
Ganesha says Today is the day to let your hair down. Today’s marvel is that it will assist you with not taking life too seriously. Since you are the only life-path individual that never shirks responsibilities, you can relax for a bit today. About your professional fronts, you will deny heavy responsibilities and you will enjoy a lighter day at work. You will decentralise the power you have to get things done easily. If you are into industry including food and manufacturing, you are likely to be raided by concerned authorities. Today your romantic fronts will demand attention as your partner will get into some unavoidable problem. Make sure you are there for them. Today your health will be better than before. You will feel quite alright if you were sick.
Lucky Colour- Orange
Lucky Number- 15
Remedy: Donate orange clothes to Sadhu or Fakir today.
Number 7
Ganesha says You’ll be more than excited for something fresh and thrilling if there are positive feelings in the breeze. Today, nothing else would appeal to you more than an experience. Today you will be able to make your day count on professional fronts. You will be priced with appraisal of raise today and that would be the news of the day for you. Today you will get good deals if you are a businessman. On your romantic fronts, you will find a long-lost stability in your marriage as your children will become the binding factor. Today your health will need to be attended as you will suffer from headaches in the evening. Try to converse as much less as possible.
Lucky Colour- Maroon
Lucky Number- 20
Remedy: Read at least one Adhyay of Bhagwat Geeta today.
Number 8
Ganesha says It would be more compelling to you to pursue something different. Today is the day to do so. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts during today’s discussions. Today you will not need to be so serious about your professional fronts. You will make things go smoothly by your command over the situation. You will earn good profit from trading today. Social media marketing will play a good card for you today. Today you might ruin your existing relationship by listening to other people’s opinions. Nobody knows your partner and you better than each other. About your health fronts, your wellbeing will be supported by the peaceful state of your mind. Make sure you maintain it by doing meditation today.
Lucky Colour- Red
Lucky Number- 11
Remedy: Worship Goddess Laxmi today and light eight diyas today.
Number 9
Ganesha says today, let the creative spirit fly. You will discover that you are capable of coming up with exceptional ideas today. Today you’ll have a good sense of colour and speech. Today your professional fronts will be normal and nothing uncommon will happen. People in the field of designing, interior designers, and creative content creators will be exempted from the normal as they will have the best possible day. The natural spirit which will surround the artists will make them count more money today. If you are into trading, avoid expecting too much. About your relationship, your partner will feel a little messed about their career fronts and this will affect your relationship. Be a good caretaker to them. About your health, you will feel content at the end of the day and this will add up to your good health at the end of the day.
Lucky Colour – Cream
Lucky Number – 16
Remedy: Sow a new Tulsi plant in your house today.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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