vishal panwar May 3, 2021

Education: Ganesha says This month dear Libra natives, you will have to stop worrying about getting admitted to your dream institutions as results which are going to get declared this month will be very appealing. It’s a good month to admit your child into pre-education if you are thinking about their early progress but do it in the third week of the month.
Career: Ganesha says If you are into the legal field, you will have to make more efforts to find a place to get the best experience. By the end of the month, you will gain more confidence in your work. Second half of the month will bring appraisals on the table.
Business: This month is very suitable for people who are looking to conduct big meetings and are involved with business overseas. You will witness good progress during the last week of the month as the Sun will show its effects on the tenth house this month.
Love: This month, you will be able to spend a good amount of time with your partner. Your partner will make you more conscious about your career fronts. There will be nothing which will bother your relationship therefore stay carefree.
Marriage: This month your marriage will have to go through many challenges this month. Your spouse will consider someone else’s opinion and that will create a problem. Third week will solve many problems.
Children: Your children will be blessed this month. You will notice that your children take up some extraordinary things. You will see your children’s health improving this month. Fourth week will bring some good opportunities.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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