vishal panwar May 3, 2021

Education: Ganesha says If you are into education, you might go through some issues this month dear Aries. You will find it difficult to focus and you will be worried about your delayed educational plans. In the third week of the month, you will be offered a very good opportunity and this will be reimbursement for everything you have worked till the date.
Career: Ganesha says This month, you will not face any problems if you are doing a job or working as a daily employee. Your plans of changing a job might need some more time therefore do not look forward to changing your place of work this month. Use the fourth week of the month to prepare an outline for further plans.
Business: Ganesha says Dear Aries, the first half of the month will be little stressful for you as you will find it difficult to carry out your business in strict policies implied in order to manage pandemic. Second half of the month will make it easier for you to reimburse the losses therefore do not panic over situations in the first two weeks.
Love: Ganesha says This month, your relationship will not go through anything major. Your partner will be a good space of mind which will benefit your relationship as they will take the lead when things go off track this month.
Marriage: Ganesha says If you are married, this month will make it difficult for you to deal with your marital issues. Your spouse will pay less attention on domestic fronts and this will be the root cause of your arguments. Handle things with ease this month.
Children: Ganesha says This month, your children will not go through any major problems as suggested by your fifth house. In the last week of the month, your children’s health will show a slight decline therefore keep them away from unhealthy atmosphere.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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